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Choose a solicitor that is convenient for you !!



With over 14 years of experience in the Canadian mortgage industry, I have worked with a number of different lawyers and conveyancing centers, I can truly understand that every client needs a lawyer who can speak their language and give them the best service with the minimum cost. And why not !!! This is not an every day transaction we all do, one has to spend all of his/her lifetime savings attached with tons of dreams and goal to get their dream home and they want someone who can explain the legal implications and issues stated between the lines in the agreement's.


They surely desrves to get the best. I am there to guide you to the best lawyer who's convenient to you, who can meet all your requirements and gets you the best service in the lowest possible fee.




 - Mississauga

 - Toronto

 - Scarborough

 - Ajax

 - Whitby



Our partnered team of solicitors also, provide you to sign the closing documents at your own place.

Conditions apply

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